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The Hippogriff  is native to Europe. Though now found worldwide. It has the head of a giant eagle and the a horse.

A Hippogriff has front legs, wings, and head of a giant eagle and the body, hind legs and tail of a horse.

Golden Trio Fanmade

Golden Trio Fanmade

Why is it when something happens, it is always you three.

The bravest three of our generation.

Loyal friend.

The Malfoys

The Malfoys

Lucius Malfoy
Draco Malfoy
Narcissa Malfoy

Malfoy Father and Son

I thought you were there to guide me.
You're wrong if you think that I'll be just like you.

Harry Potter Casts Wand

Fred Weasley's Wand
Draco Malfoy's Wand
Lucius Malfoy's Wand
Professor Slughorn's Wand
George Weasley's Wands